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Willis’s Holiday Stocking Stuffers



Happy Holidays! Seems like 2016 really passed by a little too quick. As we gear up for the holiday season, here are my top stocking stuffer item recommendations!

  1. Home Spa Bath Pillow 

Perfect for spa lovers in the comfort of your own home. It’s great for use while soaking in the tub and supportive enough on your neck. The Home Spa Bath Pillow features open air fiber technology, which is a fancy way of saying, the pillow won’t harbor mold or mildew like traditional bath pillows because it’s easy and fast drying. Simply attach it to your bath tub, fill up with water and your favorite soap and get ready for some much needed rest and relaxation!

  1. Cordless Tire InflatorTire specialist checking the pressure of a tire

An innovative solution to those emergency situations on the road! The cordless tire inflator can be used by anyone at any time without having to struggle at the gas station air pumps! It’s handy and portable with its flexible air hose adapter, which makes it perfect for inflating car tires, bicycle tires, sports balls and more. Simply squeeze the handle and monitor the built in gauge to help you monitor the air pressure levels. It also includes a rechargeable battery with different attachment heads to fill up air for any occasion.

  1. Solar LED Lamp Pole

What a great gift item to help spruce up your patio, walkway, or any outdoor setting by harnessing solar power from the sun. Standing at 5 ft. tall, it’s beautifully designed to add a touch of charm to any setting. Its multi-use function allows you to assemble the light onto the pole or hook it onto the pole, whichever style you prefer. No wiring or electricity needed for this nifty gadget!

  1. Slide Out Storage Tower

Are you tired of looking for storage space into your cabinets to fit all of your cooking essentials and spices? Look no further as the slim slide out storage tower creates additional storage in a kitchen with limited space. You can store kitchen products, non-perishable foods, cleaning supplies, spices, and much more with this pull out cupboard with wheels. Its slim design makes it easy to fit between any crevices between the fridge and the counter. This item comes in 3 tiers or 5 tiers for additional storage space.

  1. Night Eyes with Alarm

The perfect lighting solution bundled as a theft deterrent, what more can you ask for? This dual use night eyes with alarm is solar powered and brightly illuminates an entrance, path, porch, walkway, door, or any setting where you may need motion sensor lighting. The built in sensor is able to detect motion up to 10 ft. away and turned on the spotlight for approximately 60 seconds before shutting off on its own. You can turn on or off the alarm function with its portable remote to sound the alarm when detecting any motion. The alarm function triggers a 70-decibel alarm to warn you of intruders. I would recommend this solution for those who take frequent trips out of town to ward off any intruders who may trespass during your absence. Easy installation with included mounting hardware makes this lighting solution a breeze.


Happy Holidays!